Our mission is to strengthen connections within the eco-creative community by building awareness of ongoing projects, events, educational resources, and collaborative opportunities.

LAND envisions an evolving and flexible structure for this online journal. As we have in the past, we hope to continue our efforts in bringing artists and designers together to support exhibit openings and other social exchanges.

We also want to encourage everyone to access Landscape & Art, UK. L&A was founded over 10 years ago by Francis Carr, a sculptor, relentless lecturer and designer who created a vibrant interdisciplinary community in the UK with ties to many countries around the world. Information on how to subscribe to their journal and/or become a member of the network can be found at www.landartnet.org.

LAND is a development of the co-founders’ journey as they co-edited L&A’s Summer 2003 journal, which focused on American eco-artists and designers. Articles from this issue are archived on this website.

Photo: Anne-Katrin Spiess