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Katrin Spiess and Sue Labouvie were invited to guest edit the American issue of the British journal Landscape & Art (published summer 2003). Based on their incredible journey meeting and connecting with American eco-artists, writers, and activists throughout the country, they were inspired and determined to develop and build a similar network here in the United States.

Former Co-Editor

Sue Labouvie and her colleague Max Heim have worked for many years to promote ecological design and use their creative talents and the resources of their design firm,
Studio L'Image, to promote livable cities and ecological architecture. They are advocates for pedestrian environments, promote bicycling as a healthy transit option, and through information design build connections to nature trails, public transit and walkable neighborhoods. A few of their graphic and information design projects are shown here. For more information, please visit their website at www.studiolimage.com.

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Anne-Katrin Spiess is a land artist with a passion for working in remote natural sites. She creates temporary installations which she documents through photography, video and text. Her projects have started to increasingly address environmental issues such as deforestation (as in the exhibition Chopsticks) and issues of trash and consumption. She travels with an Airstream trailer, which functions as her studio and darkroom. A few of her projects are shown above, below and at right. For more information, visit www.annekatrin.info.